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Pediatrics Plus is excited to offer The Farm by Pediatrics Plus—a unique outpatient setting that focuses on empowering children to conquer their world through real-life experiences in gardening, cooking, outdoor play, and socializing; all while remaining within the culture we know to be Pediatrics Plus. The Farm by Pediatrics Plus will offer comprehensive ABA Therapy, OT, PT, and ST services. Take a look around our website and be encouraged to complete a registration form if you feel The Farm by Pediatrics Plus is the right place for your family!

The Farm by Pediatrics Plus is currently offering services at our locations in Conway and Bryant. As we await the completion of our new Farm we will be serving you at our alternate location in Cabot.

Space is limited so reserve your spot today!

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Our Services

The Farm by Pediatrics Plus will offer ABA therapy as well as outpatient Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy services.

ABA Therapy

The Farm by Pediatrics Plus will offer ABA Therapy in a real life setting to target the core deficits of ASD including communication, social, and behavioral difficulties, as well as daily living and leisure skills through a variety of functional activities.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy at The Farm by Pediatrics Plus will provide children with new and exciting sensory-rich treatment areas that will help to develop gross motor skills in limitless play-based, functional ways.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists will use The Farm by Pediatrics Plus's unique, real-world environment to create just-right challenges that meet each child where they are at while developing life skills and confidence!

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Speech Therapy

At The Farm by Pediatrics Plus, our speech therapists will have unique opportunities to incorporate nature, common tasks, and multiple novel experiences into language and social skill acquisition for children and young adults.

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