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Pediatrics Plus is a specialized pediatric healthcare provider. We utilize a unique and innovative blended service model designed to produce the best outcomes for children. Pediatrics Plus operates with a very progressive mindset. Each year, we continue to search for and discover more effective ways to achieve greater outcomes for the children and families served. As we have gained more experience, we have challenged ourselves to think outside the box, by adding different services and delivery models in order to overcome any obstacle that might hinder a child from accessing or benefitting from the services they need.

The Farm by Pediatrics Plus was birthed out of our heart for service and love to the communities we serve. With the needs for more therapy services and therapeutic spaces rising, Pediatrics Plus stood at a crossroads. We began to dream and reflect upon how to address these advancing needs.

During reflection, our co-owners were reminded of their youth and growing up on or around small farms. Their experiences with lots of outdoor time, simple life skills and lessons learned from the land, the value of family time, and hard work with the resources the land had; all intricately molded and shaped their current work ethic and love for serving others. After much thought, the dream of how Pediatrics Plus wants to continue their legacy of serving children and families was developed.

We are proud to introduce the next chapter in our story—The Farm by Pediatrics Plus.

The Farm by Pediatrics Plus is a unique, cutting edge way we can continue to implement our service model and ideals for our children and families. A collaborative approach has been and will always be the foundation of our therapeutic interventions. The Farm by Pediatrics Plus’s comprehensive approach includes ABA, OT, PT, and ST services and maintains a holistic perspective that is vital to the development of our children.

With the setting of a farm and intentional layout of therapeutic areas, The Farm by Pediatrics Plus provides a natural environment for the development and progression of skills in all areas. It allows for functional therapy through exploration, play, and activities of daily living. We dream of empowering children to conquer their world through real-life experiences in gardening, cooking, outdoor play, and socializing; all while remaining within the culture we know to be Pediatrics Plus.

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