Meet the Goats | Copper & Bandit


Breed: Nigerian dwarf male goats
Age: Born January 27, 2021
Hometown: Mountain Home, AR

About Copper & Bandit

Copper and Bandit are brothers and traveled to our Farm together. They both love hiding on the tallest rock in their pen or on the top of their goat house, then jumping on top of the other goats as they pass by. Bandit likes to pull on your shirt so he gets all the attention. They love roaming around, stretching their necks as far as they can, eating leaves from trees and sticks on the ground, but they LOVE apple tree limbs and leaves the most!

Every day they eat goat pellets and a little sweet feed as a treat, and if they don't get their food at 6 am and 5 pm, they will start to get really loud!

We just love these two brothers...they are CLOWNS! 

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