Meet the Sheep | Hefty & Hoss


Breed: Baby doll sheep
Age: Born in 2020
Hometown: Alma, AR

About Hefty & Hoss

Hefty and Hoss were both one year old and looking for a new home at the end of January 2021. They were so cute, we knew they belonged on our Farm! Hefty is like the big brother and Hoss does whatever Hefty does. They are best friends! Every day they eat hay and sheep pellets that are very sweet feed with lots of tasty treats mixed in, but they prefer to sneak around stealing the chicken's feed every chance they get!

It takes a lot to maintain their figures. They are big and look even bigger in the winter with their wooly coats (fleece). They have to be sheared (shaved) a couple of times a year, especially in the summertime! Their first haircut was in April 2021, and their fleece was 4 inches thick. It was so long, you could barely see their legs or sweet faces. Since April, it has grown another inch or more, so they will need another haircut very soon!

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