Meet the Ducks


Breed: American Pekins
Age: Born April 2021
Home State: Iowa

About Big John & The Ducks

The Farm will have a variety of ducks, but our first ducks are these American Pekins. They are huge, white, and beautiful. These ducks are domestic ducks and do not fly. Each duck weighs 5-8 pounds and they have wings too short to fly. Fully grown, they will probably weigh 13-18 pounds. We haven't named all of the ducks yet, just one, our biggest duck, Big John. He is the biggest with a lighter-colored neck. Big John is the first one out to graze in the grass every morning and the first to jump in the water. They all follow his lead. 

These sweet ducks were hatched in Iowa in April. They were about 4 inches tall as babies, and have doubled in size daily! They follow us around in a line with the food bowl, enjoy dipping in the pool, and will soon be able to swim in the pond as soon as they are 10 weeks old and fully feathered, which will be in a couple of weeks.

We can't wait to name all of the ducks, as soon as we begin to see their individual personalities begin to shine through.

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