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We are so excited to offer new locations with a new service delivery model that is unique and cutting-edge in the way we will be able to serve our clients and families impacted by ASD. The Farm by Pediatrics Plus will provide all the excellent qualities of our existing collaborative model in an exclusively outpatient setting that provides a smaller, more close-knit environment.

Just as our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) currently work with our OT, PT, and Speech therapists in our existing clinics to treat each child holistically, we will continue this collaboration at The Farm to best serve our clients

The Farm by Pediatrics Plus will offer a real-life setting for targeting the core deficits of ASD including communication, social, and behavioral difficulties, as well as daily living and leisure skills through a variety of functional activities. The Farm will be a new, exciting, and unique way for us to continue empowering children to conquer their world, and the possibilities for targeting the core deficits of ASD at The Farm will be nearly endless.

More about ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of behavior science to address socially significant behaviors and bring about meaningful behavior change through one-on-one intervention. With over decades of research, the field of ABA has developed many techniques for increasing desirable behaviors, such as communicating, dressing self, eating new foods, and decreasing undesirable behaviors, such as screaming, biting, or running away.

ABA is a tiered approach with a registered behavior technician providing the direct 1-on-1 therapy and the Board Certified Behavior Analyst providing supervision of services, parent training, and treatment plan updates.

At this time, funding sources require that clients must have an ASD diagnosis to receive ABA services. The ASD diagnosis must include diagnostic approval from the following professionals: MD, SLP, Psychologist.

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