Occupational Therapy

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At The Farm by Pediatrics Plus, our occupational therapists will come alongside families to help children develop life skills they can use across their lifespan. Occupational therapists will use The Farm’s unique, real-world environment to create just-right challenges that meet each child where they are at while growing their skills and confidence! Occupational therapy will put the FUN in function, using nature and our intentionally created farm spaces to engage with children while striving to gain new skills and independence.

Occupational therapy will utilize all areas of The Farm by Pediatrics Plus to address development of life skills. Social skill development will be facilitated by playing a board game with a friend on the back porch. There will be multiple opportunities to learn routines of daily living for care of belongings, including items used daily in farm activities. The sensory-rich outdoor environment in the garden is the perfect place for little hands to learn about exploring different textures, strengthening muscles to dig and plant seeds, or using tools with maturing fine motor skills. Inside the farmhouse kitchen, children will have the opportunity to prep a meal with the foods they have grown to assist in expanding food ranges. At the pond during occupational therapy, a child can discover a new skill and hobby in fishing that they can enjoy for the rest of their life!

At The Farm by Pediatrics Plus, occupational therapy will have endless opportunities for children to develop their fine motor, visual motor, social, self-care, strength, and sensory skills to lead them to conquer their world.

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