Speech Therapy

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At The Farm by Pediatrics Plus, our speech therapists will have unique opportunities to incorporate nature, common tasks, and multiple novel experiences into language and social skill acquisition for children and young adults.

The Farm by Pediatrics Plus will encourage our children to develop skills for following directions, communicating their wants and needs, and interacting with other adults and peers in a functional environment. Language development will revolve around concepts that would naturally occur during a child's day such as following directions to put on/off mud boots, completing multiple step commands that would be used during handwashing or care of an animal, and fun implementation of the steps of planting, growing, and harvesting garden fresh fruits and vegetables.

Speech therapists will guide the understanding and development of safety skills needed to take the fresh produce in the kitchen to cook. Speech therapists will also have options of countless activities that naturally occur in our outdoor treatment areas to encourage language development as it relates to movement and sensory development.

Speech therapy at The Farm by Pediatrics Plus will offer unlimited creative ways for a child to succeed and conquer their world through the development of their global language, communication, and social skill attainment, all while enjoying the outdoor setting around them.

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